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  1. Readers I like to inform here that I am into translating the publications of my father Vidwan Ve. Lakshmanan who had been a tamizh vidwan and had done yeomen service to the tamizh language. He had been a writer, poet, playwright for movies, producer of films and had been one of the contributors in raising a temple of Rajakali in Thethupattu village in Kannivadi town of Madurai. He had been to Hoshiarpur to visit a pandit regarding Bhrighu Nadi. He could find his own Nadi there since he was blessed to become an astrologer from an elderly person at the Bhudha Kshetra of Tiruvenkadu and was given almost a tattered book containing the basics of Astrology. From then his intuitional powers became predominant and prediction came easy for him. As he grew up he grew well versed as Vidwan in tamizh and Balajothidar in astrology. Besides being occupied in the movie world he also concentrated in developing his skills in Astrology and numerology and by the instigation and guidance of his writer friend and co partner of Udhayam Productions Sri Manian a popular writer in Anandha Vikatan who started the publication of a Tamil weekly Idhayam Pesugirathu my father linked his Balajothidam – Engal a fortnightly magazine along with Idhayam Pesugirathu. In course of time he became the owner and publisher of his astrological magazine. He then published a number of astrological books. Earlier he had penned school texts as well as historical and social novels. In addition he had written travelogues and books of non fictional subjects. One title being Vazkai Vetri dealing with steps to be taken to be victorious. My humble effort to translate the same in English for the non tamizh readers. The first chapter will be published soon in this blog. I pray God and need all your support to encourage my maiden attempt. See you all soon.


  2. My interests are cooking vegetarian, crafts of art work, crochet, knitting, tatting and embroidery..
    In my school days we had a needle work teacher named Mrs.Kannamma who taught us basic stitches in sewing and embroidery.
    We also had a teacher called Mrs.Maragatham who taught us home science where we were taught not only cookery items but also tips in house keeping, health tips and so on.
    We had a kitchen to learn together with each one given an item to cook on our own with a preliminary guidance of what’s what etc.. It had been a competition in good spirits like the cookery shows shown in the TV and public media.
    Our head mistress Smt. Vimala Paul Appasamy was an exemplary principle of our school who introduced us to all kinds of varied cultures of the world..
    We used to celebrate various universally appreciated ceremonies like Candle Light Ceremony, Tree Planting Ceremony, United Nation’s Day, Navarathri, Diwali and Christmas celebrations so on and so on..
    We used to have common assembly meet every morning and each class were given the responsibility of creating a beauty corner at the front corner of the assembly hall depicting a moral theme of the day..
    There were four houses namely Premalaya, Sathyalaya, Sevalaya and Thyagalaya . We are enrolled in any one of them and abide rules and regulations of that house. Interhouse competitions were held in sports, science, history and culture.
    Now let me stop here to be continued later.. Love to have your feed back.. Home and School are the first institutions that teaches and moulds us to what we are now..


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